Sunday, July 31, 2005

I am alive

I feel as though I've finally rejoined the living. I have been coming and going like such a freak for the past week, that I've been completely oblivious to everything but work and sleep. Going in at 3 am for a week is no picnic when you're pregnant. Friday when I left work at noon, I was ready to collapse. Thank goodness all is going well at work. Although tomorrow starts another busy week. At least I won't have any more crazy hours for a while. I do have to work next weekend, but I go in at 11 am, so that's not too bad. This week I had some really bad swelling in my ankles and feet. I'm sure my hectic sleep schedule threw my body out of whack. That and the fact that all I ate from 3 am to noon was mostly cookies and potato chips. Food is scarce in the middle of the night, unless it's junk food. And I didn't prepare with lots of healthy snacks to get me through the work day.

The heat during the day is absolutely unbearable. I feel like I'm walking into hell when I leave the house or just go outside. Just thought I'd say that.

Robert and I went to a party last night for someone he works with. It was fun. I had a really good time considering the fact that I didn't know anyone there when I got there and I wasn't drinking. But we had a good time. The bad thing is we didn't leave until 2 am, then we stopped to eat something, and by the time we got home it was 4 am! There was awful construction all over the highway in the middle of the night, so we took the access road a good way of the ride home. Today I fell asleep for three hours during the day. I really needed that nap.

I have to catch up on my blog reading, so I may do that tonight, or put it off a little longer. It would be nice if I could do it at work tomorrow, but I anticipate tomorrow being another crazy day. I finally finished my Harry Potter Friday night. It was absolutely awesome. I was very sad at the end though. I think I'm going to start reading book 4 and book 5 again. I really want to read book 4 again before the movie comes out. I'm a dork, but I can't help it.

I guess I'll stop rambling. I'm starving right now so I have to go rummage through the freezer to see what kinds of frozen food I can eat in a hurry...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Busy Exciting Day!

Today was a busy day! I tried to adjust my sleep last night so that I would be well rested going in to work at 3 am today. I think it worked for the most part. Although now that I'm home, I could really just pass out and be fine. I'm really tired. And Robert will probably get home around 7 pm, and I would rather be awake and hang out with him than be asleep and wake up in the wee hours of the morning. Such is life. Maybe I'll sleep sooner than later. I have a feeling I'll be dead tired all damn week anyway.

Exciting news for today...Today the Space Shuttle Discovery launched !!!! After two and half years of the shuttles being grounded, we are off in space again in a US vehicle! I am so excited. Launch happened around 9:39 am CST, and there I was in the MCC building, feeling very much a part of the action. I'll have to tell my little one that she was right there with me while history was being made. Everyone was really excited at work. It was pretty intense watching the shuttle take off and a little emotional too. I remember watching the launches all the time before the Columbia disaster (on TV -- never seen one live in person), and it was amazing to watch the whole thing happen again. All I can say is WOW and pray that we get those astronauts safely home again.

In other equally if not more exciting news (well, for me anyway) I had another doctor's appointment today and my ultrasound (so after work I booked it across town to the doctor's office where Robert met me). I am 35 weeks and my baby girl weighs approximately six pounds! I was so proud. She had a heart rate of 132 bpm and we could see her heart beating and also saw her sucking her little thumb. It was really cute. The tech said her head is in the down position already as we thought, which explains why all these kicks are on my upper right side. I felt a rib kick today that made me gasp! As we were looking at the baby on the screen I started to feel a little nauseous, I think it was from the probe pressing down on my belly and me feeling like I couldn't breathe right. Anyway, I was kind of mad that that happened because I really wanted to see more of the baby, but I sat up as soon as all the photos were taken because I felt nauseous and clammy. We got some good ones though.

Then we met with the doc. I have gained three pounds in the last two weeks. Not too bad, but I was hoping to have only gained half a pound or something. Not so, probably because of pizza and ice cream now being staples in my diet. I got out of bed last night just to eat some ice cream. What a pig. So a grand total of 33 pounds so far is what I've gained. I do NOT want to gain more than that or I fear I may never be able to lose it. They say breastfeeding will do wonders, so we'll just see about that. It's probably my only hope. I've given up on using the treadmill. Everytime I walked (which, of course, was only like once a week) my back would kill me at night. Maybe I'll start it up after the little one is born. The doc also did the group B strep test. I guess I'll get the results next week.

I watched Six Feet Under and Entourage on Sunday night. I have to say that Entourage is the best show ever!!! I loved this last episode with Vince all crazy over Mandy Moore. Hilarious!

Oh, we also bought a pretty cool video camera this past weekend that Robert has been playing and playing and playing with. We figured we should get one now that we're having a baby. That and we just wanted one. Anyway, time to read more Harry Potter. I find myself stopping my reading just to make sure I'll have more pages to read the next day. I don't want it to end! I love it.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


I should really be in bed already. I have to work tomorrow morning at 6 am. Yecchhh. I hate getting up at 4:30 am. And the rest of the week it looks like I may be going in at 3 am! Oh well, I know that once I do climb into bed I'll be reading anyway. I'm about half way done with Harry Potter. I read quite a bit today and was very proud of myself. Of course, I didn't do much else except eat ice cream and watch TV. A perfect Sunday!

Yesterday we went to our childbirth class at the hospital. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I think Robert and I both got a lot out of it. I feel much more informed about the stages of labor and when I need to book it to the hospital and when I don't. Robert was proud of everything he learned, especially his new found knowledge of mucous plugs and epidurals. Actually the instructor went over epidurals and cesareans in great detail, which was cool. Then we took a tour of the labor and delivery wing of the hospital, and I was delighted to find out that all the rooms are private. There are no shared rooms at this hospital and Robert will be able to spend the night with me in my room along with the baby! Yea! I figured even if my insurance only paid for a shared room that I could pay the difference for a private room, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about it.

I just hope I don't go into labor when I'm home alone and Robert's at work. I have to figure out a plan for that situation. I guess I could always knock on a neighbor's door, except that I don't really know any of the neighbors, and the drive to the hospital is a good 45 minutes from our house.

Gosh, I'm right abour 35 weeks now. I'm starting to get a little nervous. Robert says he's ready. I, personally, would like the house a little cleaner before we bring a baby home to it. On Friday Robert actually cleaned the kitchen and living room, which was nice to come home to. I felt bad because I'd been badmouthing him all day to my coworkers. I just kept envisioning coming home to a mess again and Robert plopped in front of the TV with mess all around him. Thankfully, I was wrong. It was nice not to see dishes overflowing the sink.

Okay, time for bed...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Massage me

I got a pregnant lady massage today. One of my friends is a licensed massage therapist and said he'd give me a massage. How could I refuse? I had never had a professional massage done, but it was all very relaxing. I had lots of tension in my shoulder/neck area. The only thing that I mildly worried about was laying on my tummy. I haven't laid on my belly in quite a few months. But there was a special pregnant lady pillow involved with a big hole for my belly. I could feel the little one moving a lot too, so I figured she was okay. Then I could totally relax when it was over and I kept feeling her move. I guess I was just a little scared that I squashed her laying on my belly. I joked with my husband about how I got my butt massaged. He laughed. My friend is gay. Since my friend doesn't own his own preggy pillow for the massage, we did it at the nearby massage school. And they make all clients fill out this form that has information on it that says stuff like the therapist can't touch your boobs or make any lewd suggestions and stuff. I kept snickering as I filled the thing out. And then of course I had to remind my friend that he had to refrain from touching my boobs. No matter how hard the urge struck him.

Unfortunately I have been sick the past few days. Just a mild cold, but it still sucks to be totally stuffed up and not able to smell anything. This, of course, doesn't keep me from eating everything. I still had fried chicken for dinner Tuesday, pizza last night, Thai food for lunch today and some cheap ass Taco Bell for dinner today. And I also had ice cream from the vending machine at work two days in a row. I'm totally out of control. I have noticed, however, that I'm starting to get full sooner. I guess my little one is pressing up on my stomach. We'll see if I gained more weight on Tuesday at my next doc appointment. I can't wait to see that ultrasound!

I have started reading my Harry Potter book, but am going like a snail! I only read a few pages a night before I'm falling asleep. I also bought The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding last weekend and have been reading that too. I bought it at Half Price Books for eight bucks, but it's a sixth edition. It seems pretty informative so far. I read about another book too called Nursing Mother, Working Mother that I want to get.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bratty Husband and Cat

Robert called me whining about how he wants a surfboard. He likes going surfing when there's surf in Galveston. And right now, apparently, there's a swell because of Hurricane Emily , so of course he wants to go today or tomorrow. Now he doesn't have a surfboard of his own, so everytime he goes he rents one for a few hours. This adds up, but he doesn't go that often. He suddenly wants my permission to go buy a surfboard, and I am just not okay with him blowing $300 to $500 on some toy for himself a few weeks before we have a new baby. And I feel like a bad person for telling him no, but jeez. Neither one of us is the most responsible when it comes to paying bills, so we already have to get our acts together there. I don't know. I hope I don't cave.

Oh, I'm almost done with my book on Stalin, finally. This means I can finally sink my teeth into my new Harry Potter book.

In other news my cat will not stop scratching the coffee table legs. He scratches his post every now and then, but continuously returns to the coffee table. Robert and I have dubbed this his wooden sculpture. It seems to have turned into his life's work.

Best Wishes to Beth and Chris

Wow! I just read Beth's blog entry for today and she's having her baby on Friday! That's really exciting. I can't imagine the big event just days away. I still have a few weeks to go before I meet my little girl. I hope all goes well with her C-section and Lima Bean comes out safe and sound and that Beth comes out okay too!

Monday, July 18, 2005

My weekend

And so we begin another week. Gosh, is the weekend over already? It was waaaay too short. On Saturday hubby and I went to our Breastfeeding class over at the hospital where I'll have the baby. I thought it was a good class. We practiced all the different holds for baby and watched films and stuff. There were only three couples there, including us. The other ladies were both due before I am (not by much), and I was soooo much bigger than they were. I kept thinking, my God, is my belly really this big? Robert confirmed. He said that, yes, my belly was bigger than their bellies. I wonder, just how big is this baby? I guess the ultrasound scheduled for next week should give us a better idea of how big she is. After our class we headed over to the Galleria to check out this John Lennon Art Exhibit I heard about that was to be on display. We searched, but didn't find it. Turns out, I got the date wrong. It's actually next weekend. Oh well. Next weekend we have our childbirth class (finally), so I guess we can check it out then. While were were there though, I did buy some cute maternity shorts at the Gap, so the afternoon wasn't wasted. I didn't even know they had a maternity section at the Gap store in the mall!

On Friday we went to the movies to see Wedding Crashers
and Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Both were pretty good. Although I must say I still love the original Willy Wonka movie. Johnny Depp was good as kooky Willy Wonka. I think he's great in any role, though. I love him. I just can't help it.

Hmmm, I also made chocolate chip cookies Saturday night which, thankfully, are already gone. I must have eaten a million yesterday. They were really, really good! I missed some of Six Feet Under and Entourage last night so I'll have to watch the entire episodes tonight.

Oh, I got my copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Saturday, but I still haven't started it. And I still need to clean the house. Or, I still need the house cleaned. You know, by my husband.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Just Stuff

I'm tired. I'm tired of coming home to cat vomit and a dirty house. Sometimes I wish my husband would just take it upon himself to clean this house. It's not horrible, but I'm sure getting sick of its sad state of affairs. And I sure as hell don't want to clean it.

Before I become really depressed I should probably change the subject. So work is a little weird right now. Everyone is just waiting and waiting to hear when the Shuttle launch will happen. I'm hoping it happens sooner rather than later because if it doesn't happen until September, I will likely miss the momentous occasion due to maternity leave. I was hoping to be a part of all the action with my baby still in my belly. But if it does happen in September, I will be cheering from the hospital or my home or wherever I am with my baby, celebrating our own momentous occasion as well.

I'm hoping husband Robert makes it home relatively early today because we need to buy groceries. This is another drawback of being giant and pregnant. I don't want to unload groceries, so I refuse to go to the grocery store by myself. It's also raining right now, so that kind of sucks too.

On my way to work today I thought about trying to win Stevie Nicks tickets for her concert July 16, which is Saturday, but then I remembered that it will probably be too loud. Not a problem, since it was just a thought and I wouldn't be heartbroken at missing Stevie Nicks. I mean, I probably wouldn't buy tickets to see her, I just wanted to try to win some. I am a little concerned, however, that we may miss the Austin City Limits Festival scheduled for Sept. 23-25. I just don't see us getting out and doing something that early on after the baby's born. And I wouldn't want to leave her with anyone yet. But I am still a little depressed about it. Is this selfish? I'm sure my emotions will totally change after the baby's born. The lineup this year is just absolutely amazing. Robert and I went last year and the year before, but only bought one-day passes when we went so we missed a bunch of bands. Robert couldn't get off work the other days. I just can't help thinking of how amazing that festival is. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Baby appointment

I had another baby appointment today. I am now 33 weeks! The morning was kind of shitty. My appointment was at 9:15 am, that's what time I got there. I parked by a meter, but it only takes money for up to an hour, so I ended up getting a ticket because I didn't leave until 11:15 am. About an hour and a half of that was just waiting for the doc to see me, which was really aggravating, especially since I had to pee the whole time, but I held it because I needed to give the pee sample. I have yet to ask if I can do my sample before I get called. Maybe I like living dangerously and just pushing my bladder to its limits. Anyway, the doc kind of rushed through my appointment too, which kind of annoyed me, but whatever. His office was extremely busy. Sofia's heart rate was a strong 148 bpm, and the nurse said she's probably got her head already in the down position because of where she located the heart beat, so that's good. What a trooper my baby is. I went to the doc's alone because husband had to get to work early to work on a buttload of stuff (I gave him a full report via email later in the day). Anyway, I have to go back in two weeks for another appointment and I also scheduled an ultrasound, which will be exciting to see at 35 weeks. I did not gain any weight since my last appointment, which I found to be quite amazing. I'm sure I'll gain about five pounds in the next two weeks to make up for this. I guess the shitty parts of my morning were waiting to pee for such a long time, feeling rushed at my appointment, and getting a fucking parking ticket for $25 (I did, however, do a fabulous job of parallel parking if I do say so myself).

On another note, the Space Shuttle Discovery did not launch today as planned, which was a disappointment for all. I will wait with bated breath.

Oh, last night I woke up with this pain my ring finger. It felt really hard to bend, and then I realized that I had my wedding band on. I always sleep with it, but last night I decided not to risk having my finger amputated and yanked the darn thing off after I realized that this was the cause of my pain. My finger still hurts. It was super swollen. Oh, and the doc told me that taking Tylenol for extreme carpal tunnel syndrome was okay, but also gave me the name of a hand and wrist specialist. I may set up an appointment if I can jump through all the hoops that my health insurance sets up for me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

On fire

Last night my husband told me that my stretch marks looked like little flames. I didn't think it was very funny.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Almost forgot

I think my manager is going to try and see if I can work from home for some of the last weeks of my leave. The word on the street is we're all getting laptops to replace our desktop computers at work so I wouldn't even have to use my raunchy home computer. How cool would this be? I still, of course, need to see about getting access to all these secure sites necessary for my job, but I say this is a step in a good direction. Most of all because after I come back to work, I can hopefully work from home here and there and then that's less time away from my baby...

Worst Carpal Tunnel Pain so Far...

I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my right hand. Soon, all my fingers returned to normal, but not my thumb! I sat in bed whimpering for about 20 minutes. Robert woke up and frantically tried to do something, anything to help me. He tried rubbing my hands which made it worse. He offered to get me some ice, but I said no. He finally went hunting for the Tylenol and gave me two. That did the trick. The pain went away pretty fast and I was able to fall back asleep. I really don't think it's wise to be taking Tylenol every night for carpal tunnel syndrome, though. I'll have to talk to my doctor and see what can be done. I just don't want to have to get referrals for the appropriate specialist doctors and such because I hate doing that stuff and it takes forever, but I really need some relief.

Robert recently informed me that I've been snoring really loud every night. What does this mean? Do all pregnant ladies start snoring? I'm usually a very quiet sleeper.

On a non-pregnancy note, I ordered my copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today from Amazon. I can't wait to get it. It's supposed to be delivered on its release date.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Home alone Sunday evening once again. Husband is at work. We went to Galveston earlier today because he wanted to go surfing, so I went with him to avoid being stuck at home and feeling sorry for myself. I figured I needed to do some reading too. So, there I sat in the scorching sun all for my husband. I hope it wasn't too much for baby -- the heat and the bright sun, but I drank a steady supply of water. There were actually waves to be ridden. I suspect because of Hurricane Dennis, but not really sure. Robert had fun and I got out of the house. I felt a bit like a beached whale in my t-shirt and shorts, but who cares? I got in the water a few times too to cool off.

Speaking of Dennis, I just saw on the news how badly it hit Florida. I feel for the folks whose houses were completely flooded and/or destroyed. I think most of people were ordered to evacuate though, so I hope not too many people were hurt.

We went to our Infant CPR class yesterday and I'm glad we did it. We both felt good about re-learning that stuff. I had already forgotten how to do it since the last time I took the class. Hopefully we'll never have to use it, but glad we took it. I got to eat my gyros sandwich from Niko Niko's too, so I was happy. This Wednesday I have another doctor's appointment.

Whiskers finally stopped peeing on the carpet. Only because we bought another litter box and put it in the living room. This totally sucks because not only Whiskers is using it. Trouble and Buxy are also using it, so it really stinks in the living room. I feel defeated. At least Robert is the one who has to clean it. At least for now. The areas where Whiskers peed before are still stinking, and now they look a little discolored. I feel really bad because this is my friend's house and I don't want to tell him about it. He had cats living with him before who also peed on his carpets, so I know he's dealt with it before, but I didn't want to mess his carpets up even more.

Anyway, other than Galveston and Infant CPR we didn't do much this weekend. We rented Kinsey, Without a Paddle, and In Good Company and watched all of them. This is how boring we are. Kinsey was interesting, but not all that great. Without a Paddle was just silly, but enjoyable. In Good Company was really good, I thought. And it had a great soundtrack. Lots of Shins and Iron and Wine.

Not looking forward to work this week. At least I didn't get called in this weekend. Well, knock on wood, the weekend's not over yet.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Random stuff and Infant CPR

Today we have our Infant CPR class at the hospital. It's the first class we're taking thanks to the childbirth class fiasco a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to that we're not taking our childbirth class until July 23. We also have our breastfeeding class and infant care and safety class all within two weeks of each other. Hopefully the baby doesn't come early or we'll be completely unprepared. We did hear about this DVD you can buy that tells you all about newborn basics. I want to buy it because I'm paranoid. At least Robert plans to take a couple of weeks off at the beginning so we'll be lost together and learning how to take care of our child together. I'm excited but terrified at the same time.

We just woke up about 15 minutes ago. I bet these are the last days we'll ever be able to sleep until 10:45 am on a Saturday. Crazy to think about. We are both very lazy creatures. Nothing like a baby to kick your ass into gear, huh.

Since we have our class at the hospital we'll be driving into Houston from our small-town Texas City for a while. I already want beignets from Crescent City Beignets and Greek food from Niko Niko's. But I really need to behave. We've been spending way too much money lately on bullshit and just eating out, when we should be trying to save. And I'm fat. Have I mentioned that? I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and we'll see how much weight I've gained in two weeks. I'm really scared again. Especially since I ate pizza last night. I live in fear of that doctor's office scale. It sucks.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Persistent Christians

I came home from work today to find yet another flyer on my door from some neighborhood Christian church. It's always something...a social for the kids, a bible study class, a dance social (yeah, I know)...all sponsored by your annoying local church. What gives? When we're home on Saturdays together Robert and I live in fear that the Christians will come knocking on our door. He comes running inside after watering the lawn saying, "The Christians are coming! The Christians are coming! Hide!" I'm Christian myself, so I'm not all anti-church or or anything, but jeez, enough is enough. I feel like putting a sign out on the door that says, "If you're from one of the many neighborhood churches, kindly fuck off. We don't need any more of your fliers cluttering up our already messy house. Thank you, and have a nice day."

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Morning trip

This morning I went in to work later than usual because the company doesn't like it when we get overtime, so I'm trying to stay under my 80 hours for the pay period. Anyway, I was home and trying to wake up the husband so he wouldn't be late to work. He's supposed to go in at 10 am everyday, but usually doesn't get there until 10:45. I was trying to be nice and coax him out of bed. It wasn't working. I leaned over and gave him a kiss, then started walking away and tripped on all of this shit that he has all over the floor by his side of the bed. Who the hell leaves a camera flash on the floor? I hurt my knee a little because it broke my fall, but my belly didn't touch the floor. I whined a little, and he jumped out of bed to make sure I was okay and that the belly was unharmed. But then he got back into bed. What a punk. I have to try to remember to be very careful and not be so klutzy. I tripped in the movie theater last week too when we went to see Crash. Thank God we were the only people in the theater...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New Job for someone else and Boobs

I found out today that one of my coworkers got a better job with a company in Waco and is leaving in a few weeks. He'll stick around for the next few weeks because we absolutely need him for this period of high activity we're going into at work. This really kind of sucks because he is a very good coworker. You know, kind of goody goody but very competent. I like my job. I like the group I work in for the most part, but it totally lacks cohesion. Everyone kind of seems out for themselves, and there's no "team" feeling sometimes. I blame this on my manager. My manager is like an absentee parent. Because he hardly so much as pokes his head in our cubicle area (yes, I work in a cubicle, very much like Office Space), I think our group kind of suffers for it. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be micromanaged. I came from a job where my manager was way too much into everyone's business and that really sucked. But because our manager is just never around, it seems like the bad habits within our group seem to just grow. You know, we have the guy who comes in at noon everyday. The guy that does his homework at work all day and gets annoyed when people ask him to do real work. The girl who reads blogs all day (oh, wait, that's me)-- well not all day, etc. Anyway, I'm exaggerating to a degree, but hopefully you get the picture. This coworker that's leaving is one of our best. Sucks. Oh well, all the best to him. Waco sucks, but I'm sure they're paying him big bucks.

I was doing a little catching up on my blog reading today and Beth has a pic of her pregnant belly, and she's wearing her regular jeans! What gives? I can barely fit into my maternity clothes now! I wore these pants today that I really like, and they kept sliding down my belly. They just refuse to hold on anymore. It's like they said, "screw this, you're just too fat now" and gave up on me. I can, however, still fit into my regular bras, although they leave little red marks because they are way too tight. I'm not very proud of this. I thought I'd have bigger boobs by now. And they are bigger, but not as big as I thought they'd be. I just really, really hate bra shopping so I have avoided it like the plague. And because I can still (barely) fit into my bras, I wear those and my nice, comfy sport bras. Oh, well.

So, I can't tell if my cat peed while I was away at work, but I did come home to several little piles of cat vomit today. I think I'll leave them for Robert to clean up.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Cat pee

My cat peed on the living room carpet today. Twice! She had peed yeterday and Robert cleaned it up. Then she peed in the same spot today (I think Robert did a half-assed job of cleaning it and she could still smell her potty area). Then she peed in a new different spot on the carpet. I do not understand why she insists on peeing on the carpet. At first I thought it was a ploy to keep me from exercising. It was one of those rare moments where I was on the treadmill the first time she did it today. So I got off the treadmill, cleaned it up, got back on and resumed my super-slow walking pace. The second time she peed I was helping myself to some ice cream, so I calmly placed it back in the freezer and ran to clean up her mess. Each time I see her doing it I try to grab her before the stream starts coming out, but it's too late. When she's done I grab her and race to the room where her litter boxes are, but she doesn't care. She looks at them and goes back to her sleeping spot. Robert said he's thinking of putting a litter box in the living room. I really don't want the first greeting as we walk into our house to be stinky litter. What is up with this cat?

Fishing and the movies

We went fishing in Galveston Bay last night. Robert and I did one of those fishing trips, where you pay $25/person and they take you 5 - 7 miles out into the bay. There were a ton of people on the boat, so it was a little crowded. I was disappointed because I didn't catch anything. Robert caught two hardheads, which sucks, but not as bad as not catching anything. The trip was from 4 to 8 pm, and afterward, we went and bought some red snapper to cook at home. We really wanted fish, you see. We were inspired after watching Rachel Ray's 30-minute Meals on the food network. Our fish came out pretty good, although I personally think I would have enjoyed it more had one of us caught it ourselves. I don't think you can catch red snapper in the bay, though. I think you can only catch it if you go out deep sea fishing. My feet were swollen as hell after that trip because you're standing the whole time you're fishing pretty much. There are little benches on the boat where you can sit down, but you end up getting up every few minutes to let someone pass by.

So that was our Saturday. We didn't do much during the day. On Friday we went to see War of the Worlds, which I actually liked. Although the end was a little cheesy when Tom Cruise's character makes it into Boston. I didn't think the alien stuff was too cheesy, so that was good. I remember when I saw Signs, I thought the movie itself was kind of good, but ruined because they showed the aliens. I thought the fear element would have been greater had they not shown the aliens. Especially because the way the aliens looked just made you laugh. They looked really stupid. After the movie we went to The Comedy Showcase and caught some funny people. We had already seen the main guy Mo Amer (he's from Houston and really funny), but I won free tickets, so we went anyway. We ended up going to the 10:30 pm show which allows smoking (the 8 pm show was the nonsmoking show) because I thought we'd have friends going with us and the later the better usually for them. Well, all my friends ended up flaking out and so we went, just the two of us, to the show. I can't believe how many people were smoking. It was disgusting. This coming from a person who would occasionally smoke (before the pregnancy, of course) when I would drink (also before the pregnancy). It was sooooo disgusting. And I felt bad being pregnant and all in the midst of all those smokers. I hate that.

I was soooo tired when we got home Friday night. I washed the smoke off of me and fell into bed. I'm thankful for the long weekend. Last week kind of sucked, next week will surely suck, and the two weeks after that will suck like no other. I hate to be the pessimist, but it will be extremely busy with all the activities going on. And I get out at 6 pm every day next week. That may be better than going in at 6 am everyday, but I'm not sure. Robert has to work today, but is off tomorrow. I wish he didn't have to work. We really need to clean the house. I don't understand how clothes seem to get strewn all over the floor in almost every room. And I just cleaned the kitchen and now it's dirty after cooking dinner last night. We're such messy little kids. I'm scared it will get even worse once the baby gets here. She is, by the way, more active than ever. I woke up to a big lump visibly sticking out on one side of my belly. It was so funny. Then when I touch it, she moves. I love this child.