Monday, January 22, 2007

Well, Hello There (and Happy Birthday to Me)

You know how when you haven't blogged in a while, you just keep thinking, "well, I can't blog now because I never blogged about that or this" and you just keep putting it off because of everything you haven't captured? Yeah, well, that's me. I longingly read other blogs wishing I could just set the gosh darn time aside to blog. You know, instead of watching "Friends" and "Seinfeld" reruns on the WB. And here I am. Back. At least for tonight. And a whole year older, I might add. I turned 31 today. Thirty-freaking-one. WOW.

And boy, did today suck. Sure the hubby and I caught a movie for the first time in damn near a year. Oh, we've seen movies on video, but not on the big screen. It was okay, but the whole day just kind of, well, sucked. Maybe it's the sinkful of dirty dishes in my kitchen. Maybe it's the cluttered, messy, toddler-toy ridden house. Maybe it was Sofia's fit at the grocery store today. Maybe it was the fact that I ate some bad barbeque yesterday and yakked it all up last night. Whatever it was was, I hope it's not an indication of the year to come.

New things in my life?
A fast, fast growing toddler. Okay, so that's not new, but she sure does new things everyday. And MAN, she gets cuter by the second. (Note to self: must post pic's)

An Ebay addiction. You really can get anything!

A kitten! A cute cuddly little thing, who is also growing by the second. She is Ginger, and she drives me bats.

Holidays were good. Hope everyone else's were good. Sofia got a ton of stuff. It was amazing with Sofia a whole year older and actually being to open her presents and get excited.

Okay, I guess that's all for now. Baby steps...