Monday, May 30, 2005

Am I really this lazy?

I have the day off today, as many do. My husband, unfortunately had to work. He woke up relatively early to get to work this morning. I went back to bed after eating cereal (had to eat for baby). When I finally rolled out of bed it was 12:50 pm! And my face had that nice oily film on it from being asleep so damn long. Now I have nothing to do. I suppose I could read. I've been reading the same book for damn near four months. It's the Autobiography of Joseph Stalin by Richard Lourie. It's good, but for some reason, I just can't finish it. Perhaps I'll give that a try. I should exercise too.

I've been making an honest attempt to exercise (just walking on my treadmill) for the past few weeks. I'm just terrified that my doctor is going to tell me yet again that I'm gaining a little too much weight. It seems that's the only thing my doctor ever tells me. Really kind of annoying. And the only thing the nurse ever tells me is to make sure I put lotion on my belly so I won't get stretch marks. Weight and stretch marks. Is that all they care about? I have another doctor's appointment this week on Wednesday. Hopefully all goes well. I'm afraid it's going to be the glucose test. Yecchhh. I'm really not looking forward to that, but I do like going to to the doctor in general. I like hearing the baby's heartbeat through the doppler. I like doing things in general that have to do with the baby. It makes me feel good. Last night Robert talked to his sister and told her about the Baby Bargains book that I've been using as a bible for all of my purchases. He said she was impressed that we were doing so much research. I thought that was kind of funny, because really I'd be a crazy lost person without some kind of consumer guide to all this baby stuff (registering was intimidating -- I didn't know where to start), but it made me feel good too.

I sure wish I could go shopping today, but I'm broke, so that's out. I need a new dress for a baptism we're going to in less than two weeks. I don't have any dresses that will fit a large pregnant lady. My shower is the day before the baptism too, so I'll probably need something kind of nice for that too. I'm really excited about receiving gifts for baby. We'll see how it all goes.

So it looks like today I'll eat, maybe exercise, watch TV (I'll probably start watching some mindless drivel like Cribs on MTV, sad to say), and I really will try to read my book. I need to finish it someday so I can be done by the time the new Harry Potter comes out...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Sunday Evening...

Hmmm, finally checking out this blogging thing for myself. I've been lurking on so many blog sites recently -- probably as a result of being pregnant. I just HAVE to know what other pregnant people are going through. I stumbled upon Beth's blog searching for "when husband feels fetus kick". I was trying to find out when my husband would be able to feel our baby kick! I love her blog ( I like her husband's too ( So far I've been reading all the ones on Beth's site. Well, not all of them, mostly the belly brigade ones. I do occasionally check the others out as well. This gives me plenty of reading material throughout the day.

So I'm terribly bored at home right now. My husband's at work, and my sister, her husband, and my cousin were all visiting for the weekend and just left. So I feel a bit letdown right now. I also feel as though I have to talk to my baby or play music for her. I'm almost 28 weeks, and I know she can hear already, so I should probably read her a story or something. What I really want to do is take a nap.

I had so much fun this weekend! Friday Robert and I (Robert's my husband) went out to brave the streets of Houston and find a crib to buy for the baby -- who by the way we have decided to name Sofia, provided she does come out a girl like the ultrasound lady told us. Lo and behold we found one! I was very happy with the one we bought. Well, we ordered and paid for it, but the lady at the store told us that it would take four to twelve weeks for delivery! Maybe she said six to twelve weeks. Anyway, either way...the baby will be here or pretty close to being here in twelve weeks.

We had ordered one from a while back, but the transaction got messed up somehow, so the order didn't go through. I was happy with the one we ended up picking though. The first one cost less than my new cell phone, which made me feel a bit guilty.

After purchasing the crib, we came home to run around like crazy people cleaning the house in anticipation of my sister's visit. We cleaned it, and my sister and company showed up around 10 pm. Then we went out to eat (yes, I know that it was late), came home and watched Team America on DVD, which had everyone howling. Saturday Robert and my sister's husband went fishing down close to Galveston. The rest of us joined them around noon and spent the rest of the day in Galveston eating lunch and playing on the beach. When it got later we made our way back to our house to grill steaks and watch the Spurs beat Phoenix for the third time in this series. Good times. Then my sister wanted to watch Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? so we did, but we were all so tired by then, we started dropping like flies and none of us finished the movie.

Today was more of a chill day. We hung out at the house and grilled chicken. Robert's obsessed with grilling now that we have a gas grill. The grill's not really ours though. It is one of the many things left at this awesome house for our use. See, we moved recently into my friend's house. He bought this cool house last year and moved out recently but didn't want to sell it so he said he'd rent it to us. We were looking for a place to rent with the baby on the way, so we agreed to rent it. Now we have a ton of space. We moved from a tiny fourplex apartment in the Montrose area of Houston. Of course, now we're in Texas City, which isn't exactly paradise, but hey we take what we can get. Sofia needs a house, so here we are. And now I'm a little closer to work too.