Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things Lately

Hello, Internet. Yes, I am still alive. And not doing too bad, actually. Well, at the moment, that is. The days are passing quickly and Catherine is getting giant. She rolled over for the first time about two weeks ago. Or was it three? It was in the month of October, of that I'm sure. And she is so cute, rolling over and over. She is doing great. Although she still occasionally refuses the bottle at school. What can I say? She is in love with the boob. Let's just hope that she doesn't nurse until she is almost three years old like her big sister. Still no teeth to speak of, although she explores the world around her every second of the day, it seems. She is always grabbing at stuff, chewing on something, and smiling and laughing. Oh, my Catherine is a good, sweet baby. It is so easy to love her. She rarely needs a pacifier. She laughs and smiles often. I am so in love.

As for the big sister in the house...Sofia has gotten over lots of the anxiety that came with starting a new school, and for that I am very happy. She continues to have a love/hate relationship with her ballet class on Saturday mornings which I could really do without. Every Saturday we go to my parents' house. Sofia loves it, but if any of her cousins drop in, she hates it. For some reason, she thinks she is the only grandchild deserving of my parents' attention. It is really annoying, and I tell her over and over again that they had nine grandchildren before her, but she doesn't care. She really bonded with them while we were staying with them in the spring and now greedily wants them all to herself. I have to say that I'm happy that she loves them so much. They adore her as well.

I love her school. They are teaching her some good stuff! She has a music class and a tumbling class twice a week. She is learning how to write her letters and her daddy is teaching her how to read. She is actually starting to read three letter words. Very exciting! She is beautiful, and I am so proud of my little stinker Wee. My little stinkerbell.

As for myself, I am working. I'm getting a lot done, and I have deadlines and everything. And the best part is I am working at home. I can get so much done AND go for a walk in the morning, AND get some grocery shopping done, AND pick up the kids before 5 pm, AND actually cook a meal that involves real food. The kind that grows. And we planted a vegetable garden a few weeks back and I can actually water it everyday. It is so weird. I really, really love it. Sure, I miss some of the people I worked with, but I love working at home. I keep expecting my job to tell me that I can't do it anymore, but I sure hope that doesn't happen. Oh, and I got an IPod, and I love it. I am finally listening to some new music.

Oh, and I'm so HAPPY that Obama got elected! I still can hardly believe it's real. I have to admit, I was pulling for Hillary, but I was always an Obama fan and I loved his acceptance speech. It was amazing.

Not everything is perfect. Not everything always is, but we're working through things and enjoying life now. I hope things stay okay for us with the economy being such a mess. I hope everyone else is well.

I miss you, internet! I hope to post pic's of my angels soon.