Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weddings and a little Summer Fun

We had no big plans this weekend, since Robert had to work tonight because he was off last Sunday. Last Sunday we went to two weddings. Wedding number one was a friend of mine from college, with whom I also work. I've actually known him since my freshman year of college, and we just happened to run into each other at work one day ten years later. So we keep in touch now. This is funny because, through him, I've managed to get in contact with a few other friends from college. Here's the happy couple.
Not that great of a photo, I know, but we didn't take too many. I wish we had taken some at the church, but we forgot our camera. We went back to get it before the reception. It was a catholic wedding. We had fun. It was a nice wedding. I love weddings. Especially weddings I just go to as a guest. Being in a wedding or helping plan a wedding is so stressful. But just going to celebrate, eat, drink, and be merry? That I can totally handle!

Wedding number two was a Hindu ceremony, in a completely different language (thank goodness they had programs!). I can't remember the name of the dialect. It was the wedding of a very good friend of mine from work. He and his fiancee (actually we're friends with both of them) had been engaged for about two years, and her parents wanted nothing to do with him because he wasn't Indian. Eventually they came around and sprung for the wedding. Honeymoon and all. The wedding was really nice and we had lots of fun. I, in spite of being very sick. Here is a pic of happy couple number two:

Last weekend was good. And we got to see family, although it flew by way too quickly.

So, because last weekend was so chock full of activities, we planned to keep things simple this weekend. Do some shopping, pick up around the house, etc. We did a little mall shopping yesterday and I bought Sofia two bathing suits. Now, I had planned to take her swimming at some point in the near future, but after seeing Beth's blog entry with Mia in her swim suit, I knew I couldn't wait to put my child in hers. This created a bit of a dilemma. See, we have no neighborhood pool. And Robert and I are so lazy that we have not purchased a little backyard pool for our child yet. Not knowing what to do, I lamely suggested filling the big garden tub in the master bath with water and letting her splash around in her swimsuit. Robert suggested we take her inflatable rubber ducky tub to the backyard, put some water in it and let her splash around. We went with his idea because, while both ideas were pretty lame, his at least seemed to be more in line with the use of a pool for cooling off purposes. It seemed more summery. We could be in the backyard. Whatever. It kind of made sense at the time. Ghetto? Well, yes, but she looked adorable.
She had fun during the short while, but I have a feeling she's thinking, "What kind of operation are you people running anyway?"

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I finally made my way to the doctor today. I have been battling this "cold" for the past three weeks and, while it may have started as a cold, it has morphed into something much nastier. Just getting an appointment was a feat in itself. I swear, you'd think my doc was some world famous cancer doctor the way one can NEVER get an appointment. If you're sick, expect to see him a week later at least. Anyway, the cold turned into a sinus infection. I diagnosed myself via the world wide web. And my doctor agreed with me. I had the pressure headaches, the post nasal drip, the coughing, the fatigue, the works. The only thing I didn't have were the antibiotics. So he prescribed me Cipro. That seemed kind of strange, but apparently it's used for sinus infections too. Not just anthrax.

I'll start them tomorrow. I dropped my prescription off at the pharmacy and Robert said he'd pick it up, but he got home so late that the pharmacy was closed already. Sucks. At least I get to work from home tomorrow.