Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Something to blog about

Our new arrival, Catherine Eve, made her way into the world May 30, 2008 at 6:44 am. She is such a beautiful and good baby! Labor was painful, but the epidural made it bearable. Robert and I rushed over to the hospital around 2 am after a full day of labor pains. Sofia came to visit her new sister the next day.

We are living in San Antonio. Just bought and moved into our new house a week before Catherine got here. Things are crazy and boxes are everywhere, but we're doing what we can. The husband went back to work this morning and I find myself in a mild state of panic trying to figure out how I will care for this newborn baby and keep Sofia entertained, along with doing dishes and laundry and the like. Other people have done it, right?

And still my hormones are raging and I think about how I miss work a little and I'm not sure what I'll do when my maternity leave is over (can't believe that, but it's true). My job is letting me support Houston activities while I work remotely from San Antonio. It wasn't too bad these last couple of months but I suspect it will get harder to do.

I suppose I should end this post before both children wake up. Sofia went to bed yesterday at 6:30 pm and is still asleep. It's 8 am. That child refuses to take naps, and it is so hard on all of us. Then she ends up collapsing in fatigue around 6 pm, waking up, and not going back to sleep until midnight or so. Last night we kept her asleep somehow. Catherine is awesome. She nurses beautifully and only wakes up when she's hungry. She does have a raging diaper rash, which breaks my heart every time I change her. I feel powerless. I've tried two types of desitin and aquaphor and nothing seems to be clearing it up. The doc said to blow dry her bottom. I've done it a few times, but not enough apparently. She's also a little congested so we're sleeping with a humidifier.

I am not looking forward to another hot day. San Antonio heat is dry and brutal. I actually miss the humid, rainy weather of Houston. At least it rains there. Here half our yard is dead because the lady we bought from never watered her grass. And I can't bring myself my go outside in the afternoon. It is absolutely too HOT.

I will do my best to post later. I have no job right now because of maternity leave, but I know that blogging will be harder than ever.